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Investing in real estate abroad is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many people. With the growth of globalization and the availability of information, new opportunities are opening up for those looking to diversify their investments. Here are a few reasons why buying property abroad is interesting and profitable:

Market Diversity: Investing abroad provides access to diverse markets and geographies. This makes it possible to diversify the risk and maximize the potential return on investment.

Growth potential: Some foreign markets offer attractive growth potential, especially in emerging economies. Investing in these markets can provide a high rate of return on investment in the long term.

Diversification of currency risk: Investing abroad allows you to diversify currency risk. Holding assets in different currencies can protect a portfolio from the negative effects of currency fluctuations.

Personal benefit: Buying property abroad can provide not only financial benefits but also personal benefit. The opportunity to own property in a popular destination can serve as a second home for vacations or as a source of additional rental income.

The company Protsenko&Co. boasts a wide range of properties in selected destinations across Europe. We currently offer exclusive properties in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and other attractive locations. We strive to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with exceptional opportunities for investment, recreational purposes or as a second home. With an emphasis on quality and a professional approach, we try to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Real estate offer in this area

Object ID Location Layout Area Balcony / terrace / yard Floor Parking Basement To move in Price
ID projektu SP.1 Location Layout4+kitchenette Area125m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 0 m2 Floor4 Parkingno Basementno To move inneuvedeno Price18 960 000 CZK

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