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Karlín is the oldest suburb, which lies in the valley of the Vltava floodplain between Libní and Nový Město. The basic characteristic of Karlín is the Karlín Square with the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius and office buildings.

Other important buildings include, for example, the Karlín Music Theater, where you can visit a musical, or the Karlín Synagogue.

Karlín has changed from an industrial district to a fashion center, there are restaurants and wine bars in the former factories, but also the Karlín Barracks has become a cultural and social center, where you will find cafes, a gallery, a cinema, bars, a sandpit and a fireplace for pleasant well-being.

Charming new residential buildings such as Port Karolína, Rohan City, Diamanty Karlín, Rezidence Vltava, etc. are being built around office buildings. Today, Karlín is the most sought-after district of Prague in terms of investment, precisely because companies such as Karlín Group, Skanska a.s. Office & Companies, s.r.o. The return on real estate in Karlín can range from 3% to 5% p.a.

Karlín is simply a place where history and the future meet. Maybe flats for sale in Karlín will become your new future.

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