Why Choose Protsenko & Co. for Your House Sale or Purchase?

Personalized approach: We understand that each client has individual needs and ideas. That's why we provide a personalized approach to every project. Our office focuses on understanding the client's needs and providing tailored services. For our customers, we make floor plans of objects and unique presentations in the form of a book describing the object.

Professional Marketing: We have a wide range of tools and strategies for effective real estate marketing. This includes online advertising on Czech and foreign portals, social media, professional photography and videos from drones, which help to maximize visibility and achieve the best possible sales result.

Credibility and transparency: Protsenko & Co. is built on the principles of trust and transparency. We will keep you informed of every step of the sale or purchase process and ensure that all transactions are safe and hassle-free.

Wide network of contacts: Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and partnerships in the real estate industry, we have access to a wide portfolio of real estate and potential buyers not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad, e.g.: Germany, France, Slovakia, Italy, Israel. This allows us to efficiently connect clients with ideal properties and increase the chances of a successful deal.

Language proficiency: Our brokers are linguistically proficient and able to communicate with clients in different languages, which makes the process of selling or buying real estate easier for clients from abroad or who speak other languages.

Legal advice: We are proud of our cooperation with the most experienced Prague lawyer, Mr. Hafner from AK Hafner and Partners. His legal expertise and knowledge guarantee that all legal aspects of the transaction are carefully processed and resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation, which brings our clients a greater degree of certainty and security when selling or buying real estate.

Real estate offer in this area

Object ID Location Layout Area Balcony / terrace / yard Floor Parking Basement To move in Price
ID projektu RZ.1 LocationBorkovského Layout Area410m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 300 m2 Floor0 Parking3 Basementno To move in09.08.2023 Price27 000 000 CZK
ID projektu KRC.1 LocationNad pískovnou Layout Area378m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 719 m2 Floor0 Parking4 Basementno To move in01.09.2023 Price37 990 000 CZK
ID projektu RV.1 LocationHusova Layout Area233m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 0 m2 Floor Parking2 Basementno To move in01.04.2024 Price16 990 000 CZK
ID projektu RZ.RD.1 LocationNad Vltavou Layout Area232m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 641 m2 Floor Parking2 Basementno To move inneuvedeno Price24 990 000 CZK
ID projektu STS.RD.1 Location Layout Area260m2 Balcony / terrace / yard0 m2/ 0 m2 / 1490 m2 Floor Parking4 Basementno To move inneuvedeno Price10 950 000 CZK

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